Connecting to data sources: error messages

When you connect to a data source through Klipfolio's REST/URL connector, you may encounter an error message. To help find a solution to the problem, refer to this list of error codes and responses.

Unexpected Error


Error Message Possible Reason
Oops! We encountered an unexpected error. Try again or contact support. You made a spelling mistake in the URL.
Hey, the security certificate for this connection is not trusted. This means we can not rely on this certificate for identity information. Normally, sites will send trusted identification to prove that you are connecting to the right server. In this case, the site’s identity could not be verified. Check with our support team for help resolving this.
Oh no, the connection to the service failed. This is known as a SSL handshake failure. It means we could not complete a secure connection with the specified server. Reach out to for help with this problem.



404 Error


You may have used an invalid API query in the URL field. There are two scenarios where you may encounter 404 error messages:

  • When connecting to your data source.
  • When you're reconfiguring or refreshing your data source.

Check the API reference documentation associated with the service to which you want to connect.




403 Error


There is an issue in the Query Parameters section. For example, you may have entered the wrong Application Key. Double check the information under Name, Value and Type and try again.



401 Error


There is an issue in the Authentication section. For example, you entered the wrong Username and Password. Check your account details.



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