Why are my data sources not refreshing?

There are a number of reasons why a data source might not refresh or take longer than expected to refresh. For example:

  • For a data source to refresh you need to be active on the dashboard.  This ensures that those using the dashboard are able to see the most up-to-date data. (Note that this restriction only applies to Klips. PowerMetrics refresh continuously without the need for a logged-in user.)
  • A data source is sent to a global queue. The refresh time is dependent on how many other data sources are in the queue.
  • The number of data sources and instances in your account being refreshed simultaneously also has an impact on refresh time.

Note that the minimum refresh interval for any type of data source is one minute.

To understand the complete refresh process see About data source refresh.

Troubleshooting tip

If a data source is not refreshing, view the Refresh Log for any related error messages.

For more information on handling data source refresh failures see Understanding data source refresh intervals, failures, and errors.

Refreshing your data in real-time

If you want to refresh your data in real-time, you can use the Klipfolio API to push data to the dashboard.

For more information on using the Klipfolio API see Klipfolio API Reference Guide.

Sharing your dashboard via published links

To ensure users are seeing current data, consider using published links to share a dashboard. These links are automatically refreshed as the data is refreshed and can be protected by a password if required.

For more information on published links see How do I share my dashboards using published links?

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