What does API mean when working with Klipfolio?

When you are working with Klipfolio, there are two ways you can interact with an Application Programming Interface (API) in order to retrieve your data:

  1. Manage Klipfolio: You can use the Klipfolio API to manage Klipfolio including pushing data to the app, managing assets (data sources, dashboards and Klips) and managing users and clients. For more information, see the Klipfolio API Reference Guide.
  2. Pull data from services: Some services that you use require the use of their API to define a query or to identify the data you wish to pull into Klipfolio. For this kind of API use, Klipfolio has no API call or refresh limit other than those that may be set by a particular service.

If you cannot find a specific connector for your specific API, try using the Klipfolio Web Accessible connector with your API's documentation. For more information, see: REST/URL Connector.

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