Granting a user access to a client account


This article outlines how you can give a user in your partner account access to a client account. By doing so, users can build and manage Klips for a number of different clients.


Roles allow the user to perform a specific action. In order to grant a user client access, the user must be assigned either an editor role, or a custom role. If you give the user a custom role, it must include the following permissions under the Clients section:

  • Access client section
  • Edit clients
  • Sign in to client as admin

For more information on working with custom roles, see Adding a custom role and users.

Sharing a client

Before proceeding with the steps below, you need to create a group. The group should include the user or users that will access the client account. For more information on creating groups, see Creating groups.

Use the following steps to give a user access to a client account.

  1. Click the Clients link.
  2. Select the client you want to share with the group.
  3. Under General Info, click the Sharing section. 
  4. Click the Edit link.
  5. Select the group or groups that will have access to the client.
  6. From the dropdown menu, select an appropriate Right.

  • Sign in as admin only gives a group the ability to sign in with admin rights. This means they would have full access to the client's data.
  • Sign in as admin and edit client settings gives a group admin rights and permission to edit the About this client page. This means they would have the ability to enable specific client features, for example, Download Reports
  • Sign in as view-only allows a group to sign in with view-only rights. This means they can preview the dashboard as the client would see it. 
  1. Click Save.

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