Troubleshooting tips: Adding Marketo Klips (BETA) from the Klip Gallery

Why is my Marketo Klip not adding to my dashboard?

Depending on the size of your data, some Marketo Klips may take a long time to add to your dashboard. Your Klip might even time out before being added to your dashboard.

Suggested Solution

You may need to add the Marketo Klip twice in order for all data sources to be created successfully and populate the Klip.

How do I modify Marketo query parameters?

It’s highly recommended that you check out the following documentation: Use Marketo as a data source. This document is the ideal starting point for creating custom Marketo dashboards in Klipfolio. It explains in more depth how to retrieve static lists using the REST API to create data sources in Klipfolio.

This instructions are specific to modifying query parameters in data sources created during the template creation process. Here’s what will be covered.

1. How to view a data source associated with a template

  1. On the dashboard, click the More icon.
  2. Select About this Klip. This will bring you to the View Klip page.
  3. On the View Klip page, navigate to the Uses Data Sources section. Depending on the Klip you are modifying, you may need to reconfigure each data source associated with this Klip.
  4. Click the data source you want to modify. This will bring you to the View Data Source page.
  5. On the View Data Source page, click the Reconfigure Data Source option. This will bring you to the Edit Data Source page.

Before editing the data source, we recommend you download the Marketo REST API field document from your Makreto instance. This will outline what fields are queryable.

I'm getting an error saying that I've hit my limit

The Marketo API is limited to 30,000 records. You can decrease the number of records by shortening the time frames in Marketo that your Klips are associated with. You can also trim the lists so that they're using less than 30,000 records. This may happen if your program is set to the past 93 days.

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