Getting started with Klipfolio


Klipfolio is a cloud­-based web app that brings your data to life helping you and your organization understand and track KPIs, metrics and other essential information. With Klipfolio, you can gather, share and display the data that matters to you in real­-time. In this section, we’ll step you through what you need to get started with Klipfolio.

First steps

  • Sign up for a workshop. The Intro to Klipfolio workshop is a practical introduction to your dashboard.
  • Download our mobile app - Klipfolio for iPhone or Klipfolio for Android.
  • Find out what data you can connect to Klipfolio. 
  • Connect your data.
  • Visualize your data.
  • Share your metrics.

Three ways to build

1. Klip Gallery

2. Dashboard Gallery

3. Custom-built Klips

With the Klip Gallery option, you can add a Klip and its data source straight into your dashboard. Browse pre-built Klips from some of the most common web services for digital marketing, sales, finance, social media and many more. 


For popular web services like Google Analytics or Google Adwords, create an entire dashboard with Klips using data from your accounts. Klipfolio is a flexible platform for building custom Klips. You can connect your data automatically using one of our wizard-like connectors, or you can build your own connection. Once you have connected your data you can start designing and building your Klip from the ground up in the Klip Editor. 


Connect your data

You can upload computer files, pull in data from web or services like Facebook, Google Analytics Salesforce, push in data from our API, send it as an email attachment, or access data from databases and servers. Our pre-built web service and core connectors make it easy.

Data from a cloud or web service

From Facebook and Salesforce to Google Drive and Excel spreadsheets, Klipfolio can connect to hundreds of services. We connect to many more through our open REST API connector. Use our versatile Klipfolio connectors to integrate your data in Klipfolio. 

Data from computer files or file sharing services

Klipfolio supports Excel, CSV, JSON and XML files as well as FTP and SFTP files from a server. You can also connect data from file sharing services like Google Drive and DropBox.

Data from a database

Klipfolio supports several different SQL databases.

Build a custom Klip

Once you have connected your data, you can start designing your Klip from the ground up in the Klip Editor. Start by choosing the visualization type - we support any chart type or you can apply custom HTML - and then manipulate the data. Quickly show important details with indicators.


You can have one dashboard or many dashboards in your Klipfolio account. And there are many ways you can share these dashboards, too. You can also share your dashboards with other users in your account. In your account you can set Users and Roles to define permission levels and define what content can be viewed. Or you can share your dashboards with larger audiences using a published link. You can even share your dashboards offline by downloading them or emailing them directly from Klipfolio.