Tips: Adding Google Analytics Klips from the Klip Gallery

The Klip Gallery has many pre-built Klips to connect your Google Analytics data. This article includes answers to the following questions:

Where do I find my Campaign Name in Google Analytics?

You will need your campaign name in Google Analytics for the Campaign Stats and Campaign Funnel Klips.

To find your campaign name:

  1. Log in to Google Analytics.
  2. Under Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns, copy a campaign name from the list and paste it into the Campaign Stats text box in Klipfolio.

How do I edit my Google Analytics Klip to show a different website?

To edit your Google Analytics Klip to show a different website:

  1. From your Klip, click the 3-dot menu and click About this Klip.
  2. At Uses Data Sources, click the data source you want to reconfigure.
  3. At Connection, click Reconfigure Connection.
  4. On Connect an Account, select your connection token.
  5. Click Next Step.
  6. On the Edit Data Source page, edit the Query URI get the data you want.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. After verifying your data, click Done.

Note: If you want to change your Google Analytics Klip to show data from a website that you manage in a completely different Google Analytics account, you will need to authenticate with the login credentials of the other Google Analytics account.

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