PowerMetrics, Klips, and dashboards: Pre-built or custom-built?

You can display your data in a PowerMetric, a Klip, or a dashboard. When it comes to visualizing your data, there are many options in Klipfolio. Want to get started right away? Check out our pre-built PowerMetrics, Klips, and Klip dashboards. Feeling creative? Custom-build your visualizations from the ground up.

Note: This article describes Klipfolio options for creating visualizations. Don’t forget - you also need to connect to your data! Learn more about connecting to your data.

Pre-built options

Our pre-built PowerMetrics, Klips, and Klip dashboards are designed in collaboration with industry experts and adhere to current best practices and trends. We focus on getting the most from your data and then presenting it in meaningful, actionable visualizations. You can use our pre-built options as a complete solution or as a starting point toward custom building.

  • Pre-built PowerMetrics: Klipfolio includes a lot of pre-built content for our most popular services and metrics and we are adding more all the time! Building a PowerMetric with “instant” pre-built content connects you to your data fast.
  • Pre-built Klips: We offer hundreds of pre-built Klips for a multitude of services. Quickly set up a dashboard with our predefined visualizations that display common KPIs. Pre-built Klips are found in the Klip Gallery or, for White Label customers, in the Integration Gallery .
  • Pre-built Klip dashboards are an effective way to quickly gather thematically-related Klips into a single, purposeful dashboard. Find them in the Dashboard Gallery.

Custom building

Sometimes our pre-builts don’t quite match your needs. That means it’s time to do some building of your own! Taking the time to learn how to create custom-built PowerMetrics, Klips, and dashboards unleashes your data and empowers you to control, manipulate, and transform it, leading you to unprecedented insights into your business.

  • Custom PowerMetrics: Don’t see a pre-built option for the service and metric you’re looking for? No problem! Create your PowerMetric, based on a modelled data source, from scratch.
  • Custom Klips: Build a Klip from scratch (or edit an existing Klip) in the Klip Editor. Slice and dice a data set to suit your needs, transform your data using Excel-like formulas, functions, and logic, and combine data sources and data formats to build more accurate KPIs.
  • Custom Klip and PowerMetric dashboards: It’s quick to build your own dashboards. Just add Klips or PowerMetrics to a Klip dashboard and choose your layout and theme (light or dark). Or create a PowerMetric dashboard, where you can add PowerMetrics, images, and text. You can also customize dashboards with your own logo.

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