Three ways to build


You can create any visualization to suit your needs by quickly adding pre-built data visualizations (we call them Klips) and fully functional dashboards. Or, build your own Klips from the ground up.

1. Klip Gallery

2. Dashboard Gallery

3. Build your own Klips

With the Klip Gallery option, you add a Klip and its data source straight into your dashboard. You can add pre-built Klips from some of the most common web services for digital marketing, sales, finance, social media and many more.  Create an entire dashboard with Klips using data from your accounts. Klipfolio is a flexible platform for building custom Klips. You can connect your data automatically using one of our wizard-like connectors, or you can build your own connection. Once you have connected your data you can start designing your Klip from the ground up in the Klip Editor. 

1. The Klip Gallery

The Klip Gallery allows you to track your key metrics with just a few clicks. We’ve created pre-built Klip templates for some of the most popular services and data sources. You can add the Klips that matter most to your business in minutes and yield many benefits including:

  • Browse hundreds of visualizations (Klips) from popular cloud applications.
  • Add Klips to your dashboard showing your data quickly and easily using your account credentials.
  • Mash up your cloud service data in a single Klip. For example, the Funnel Klip combines metrics from both Google Analytics and Salesforce.
  • The Klip Gallery makes it possible for you to easily and quickly show your colleagues the power of dashboarding your data.
  • The calculations and formulas used for Klips in the Klip Gallery are fully customizable.

Working with the Klip Gallery

Adding a Klip from the Klip Gallery is simple and fast:

  1. Log into Klipfolio.
  2. Open a dashboard.
  3. On the Dashboard panel, select Add a Klip.
  4. Select from the screen the metric you want to measure.
  5. Enter your credentials to access the data source(s).
  6. When prompted, customize the Klip as needed.

A Klip with your data will appear on your dashboard.

We are continuously adding Klips to the Klip Gallery from a variety of services. Discover the current list of Klips!

2. Dashboard Gallery

The Dashboard Gallery helps customers quickly gain valuable insights to help them tell the story of their performance. The Dashboard Gallery allows you to add entire dashboards in just a few clicks. 

Adding a dashboard

We’ve made the process for adding a dashboard fast and easy.

  1. Sign in to Klipfolio.
  2. Visit to browse all the dashboards available to you.  
  3. Choose a dashboard and then click Get this dashboard + (you can add one at a time).
  4. Follow the prompts to connect your account.
  5. And voila! Your pre-built dashboard is ready to go!

3. Build your own Klips

Klipfolio gives you all the tools you need to build your own data visualizations and dashboards from the ground up. This is one of our big differentiators from other cloud dashboard service providers, which tend to offer a library of pre-built widgets that are hard-wired to particular cloud services (to build something custom, you’ll likely need to hire a developer to help write the code for you).

Here are five things you need to know about Klipfolio’s Klip Editor:

  • The Klip Editor is powerful.
  • Our editor packs a punch. It can look complicated, and sometimes it is, so you will need to invest time learning the tool, but doing so will unlock near limitless possibilities. We have awesome tutorials, videos and documentation online, as well as an incredible support team eager to answer your emails, instant messages or calls.
  • You can transform your data, with Excel like formulas and basic math.
  • Not every data set is ready to be used in a data visualization. Sometimes you'll want to extract additional insights, or slice and dice a data set in a very specific way. In the Klip Editor you’ll have familiar functions, logic and formulas at your disposal, so you can manipulate your data any way you want. Learn more about formulas and functions.
  • You can combine data sources and data formats, to build more accurate KPIs.