Build a custom Klip


This video tutorial series will take you through building a Klip (like the one shown here), setting up properties and indicators for your Klip and working with functions. To follow along, use the data source provided in your Klipfolio trial.

In Phase One we'll help you get started with Klipfolio:

  • Open the Klip Editor.
  • Add a label component.
  • Apply a formula to add a metric.
  • Work with Klip properties.

In Phase Two we'll add to our Klip:

  • Work with the layout grid.
  • Add a separator.
  • Add a second metric to the Klip.

In Phase Three we'll add a bar chart our Klip:

  • Add a bar chart component.
  • Add data to the bar chart.
  • Work with formatting options in properties.

In Phase Four we'll demonstrate using indicators to highlight key metrics:

  • Working with indicators.
  • How to specify indicator conditions.

In Phase Five we'll give you a taste of working with functions:

  • Using the REPLACE function to change a value in your data.

Want to learn even more?

Check out the more actions and Additional Data playlist.

You'll learn:

  • Sort, Group and Filter with the more actions menu
  • Filter on Additional Data in a Bar/Line chart
  • Sort on Additional Data in a Bar/Line chart
  • Use Additional Data to create Indicators

To learn how to filter your data using the Actions menu, see How do I filter data?