DoubleClick Campaign Performance dashboard

The DoubleClick Campaign Performance dashboard is a fantastic tool for digital marketers and agencies to see how their different DoubleClick campaigns are performing. It allows you, the marketer, to make actionable decisions and reallocate budget towards campaigns that are working well.

Connect your DoubleClick Search Campaign Performance dashboard

  1. Once you've added the dashboard to your account, click Connect your Data.
  2. Next, Connect your Account with Google and create a token. It looks like this: George @ Google. This will allow Klipfolio and Google to use your DoubleClick account information in accordance with the respective Google privacy policy and Klipfolio privacy policy.

    Note: You can manage your tokens in Klipfolio under Connected Accounts in the Account section.

  3. Next, select your DoubleClick User Profile.
  4. When you click Add Klip, Klipfolio automatically generates a report in your DoubleClick account that it can reference as a data source.
  5. Repeat for all the Klips on your dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want any reports to be generated in my DoubleClick account by Klipfolio?

If you want to prevent Klipfolio from generating reports, delete the data source from the Library or delete the Connected Account (OAuth) token.

Where do I find my Klipfolio report in DoubleClick?

You can find your report in your DoubleClick account under Report Builder > DoubleClick Campaign Stats (used by Klipfolio).

I can’t connect to my data. What’s going on?

There are two possible reasons:

  1. You do not have sufficient permissions. For example, the dashboard and Klips will not work if you only have View Only access in DoubleClick.
  2. You have over 10MB of data in your report. If that's the case,
    • Add a filter to the report, for example, to show only the top 5 campaigns.
    • Restrict the date period to, for example, last 30 days.
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