Sharing dashboards, Klips, PowerMetrics, and data sources within my Klipfolio account

You can share assets with the users and groups in your organization from your dashboard or from your list of dashboards, Klips, PowerMetrics, or data sources.

You can also share Klips, dashboards, and data sources from the Users > Group tab.

User and group interaction with shared assets is determined by the permissions set in individual user roles and, for group sharing, the rights that are assigned to the group when users and groups are created.

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When sharing, consider that there are primary and secondary assets. When a primary asset is shared, the related secondary asset may also be shared. For example, if a dashboard is shared, the associated Klips and PowerMetrics may also be shared.

A data source is a primary asset and doesn’t include secondary assets. So, when you share a data source, there is no option to share a secondary asset.

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