The new Klipfolio homepage


We are excited to introduce the new Klipfolio® interface. This new interface includes improved icons and left-side navigation. This article explains everything you need to know about Klipfolio's new homepage.

We improved Klipfolio's navigation, moving everything you need to the left-side menu of your homepage. See the image and descriptions below for more information:

When you hover your mouse beside the Klipfolio logo, an Edit button displays. This enables you to change the Klipfolio logo to represent your company by either uploading a new logo or typing your account name.

Clicking the Collapse button collapses the side menu, providing more space to display your Klips.

The open dashboard list, displayed in the left navigation bar, gives you fast access to the dashboards you use the most. When you add a new dashboard, it automatically displays there. You can instantly add a new, blank dashboard to the end of this list by clicking the Create a dashboard button beside Dashboards. To see a list of all of your dashboards, click on Dashboards. From the dashboard list, click the Open dashboard button to add specific dashboards to your list of open, active dashboards. To remove dashboards from your open list, click the three-dot menu next to the dashboard you would like to hide and click Close dashboard.

With a specific dashboard selected, use the three-dot menu to access a list of options for that dashboard. These options include:

  • Rename: Modifying your dashboard’s name
  • Share: Sharing your dashboard with others
  • Download as: Downloading your dashboard as a PDF or image
  • About this Dashboard: Accessing dashboard details
  • Hide from list: Removing the dashboard from your list of displayed dashboards
  • Delete dashboard: Permanently delete the dashboard from your master list of dashboards

You can now find your Dashboards, Klips, or Data Sources lists.  Right-click any heading in the left navigation bar to open it in a new tab or window.

The Users tab enables you to access the users, groups, and roles in your account. Click the + button next to Users in the side navigation to invite multiple users at once.

Check out the new icons. Use the shopping cart to get to the pricing plan page in one click, enabling you to change your plan at any time. Use the question mark icon to access our in-app help, where you can get information on every part of our product. Use the paint palette icon to switch your display between the slate, light, and dark themes.

Click on the account name or user icon at the bottom of the navigation to access your Account settings or Sign out of your account.

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