Modelling data sources: The toolbar


Our recent redesign simplifies the data transfer experience by combining raw and modelled data sources into a single object - data feeds.
If you see Data Feeds in the left navigation sidebar, go to this article.
These new features are being released gradually. If you don't see them in your account yet - no worries - they’re coming soon!


Knowing how to use the toolbar will make modelling your data sources easier. In this article you’ll learn about the toolbar icons and how these features can be used to help you prepare your data.

Add column

Insert a blank column at the end of your modelled data. You can populate the new column by clicking the top of a column in a tabular raw data source.

Learn more about adding data from a JSON or XML data source.

Duplicate column

Create a duplicate to the right of the selected column. When multiple duplicates are created by clicking rapidly, each is denoted by a number to the right of the column heading. For example, if you are duplicating a column named “Totals,” clicking the button once, or pausing between clicks, will result in copies with the same headings:
Column 1 = "Totals"; Column 2 = "Totals"

But, if you click rapidly a few times, you'll get numbers next to the headings:
Column 1 = "Totals"; Column 2 = "Totals 1"; Column 3 = "Totals 2"

Remove the selected column

Remove the selected column from your modelled data without affecting your original data source.


Undo & Redo

Cancel your most recent change by clicking the Undo icon. You can also use the CTRL+Z shortcut with your keyboard. Restore a change by clicking the Redo icon.


Move left & Move right

Move the selected column one place left or one place right in the column order.

Merge data

Merge your current modelled data source with a secondary modelled data source.

Learn more about merging modelled data sources.


Use the Unpivot button to convert data from a pivot table format to a list table format.

Learn more about unpivot.

Add all columns from the data source

Add all the data from your selected raw data source at once. This is good for quickly integrating your data instead of selecting columns individually.

Note: This option adds a maximum of 30 columns each time it is selected.

Remove all columns from the modelled data

Clear all the columns from your modelled data source, instantly creating a clean slate to work with. This will not affect your original data source. This option is enabled when the modelled data has at least one column.

Open the model properties side panel

Open the properties panel to select general settings for your model.

Learn more about setting properties for a modelled data source.

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