Combining PowerMetrics and Klips on a dashboard

Consolidate your data - Experience the convenience of combining PowerMetrics and Klips on a dashboard!

We’ve added the ability to create dashboards that include both Klips and PowerMetrics. Our dashboards already enable you to work extensively with Klips. Klipfolio is constantly evolving to add the same robust functionality for PowerMetrics.

Note: Klipfolio includes Klip dashboards and PowerMetric dashboards. If you're unsure of the differences between a Klip dashboard and a PowerMetric dashboard, learn more here.

One of the benefits of combining PowerMetrics and Klips in a single dashboard is the ability to access different types of data visualizations and view them in one place. Before beginning, it’s important to understand the differences between what PowerMetrics and Klips can do for you.

Why add PowerMetrics to a Klip dashboard?

Using PowerMetrics to track your data enables you to:

  • Store history to see data trends over time.
  • Gain insights into your data through interactive exploration.
  • Work with transactional data sources.
  • Create charts with dynamic series.
  • Work faster - create visualizations in seconds.

Adding PowerMetrics to a Klip dashboard enables you to:

  • Display PowerMetric views in full-screen mode.
  • Change configuration settings for a PowerMetric view. By individually applying configuration properties, you can create multiple views of a single PowerMetric for your Klip dashboard.
  • Share > with Slack, with an internal permalink, by publishing a link, or by scheduled or impromptu email (via dashboard-level features). In-app sharing for PowerMetric views is done in the PowerMetrics area of Klipfolio.
  • Download > as a PDF or as an image (via dashboard-level features).


  • As our PowerMetric features evolve, we will be adding abilities at the individual PowerMetric view level. In the meantime, you can access dashboard level features (by clicking the dashboard’s 3-dot menu in the left side navigation bar) to perform actions for a PowerMetric view on a dashboard. If you want to perform any of these actions for a single PowerMetric view, add that PowerMetric view as the only item on a dashboard.
  • PowerMetrics are created, edited, and shared in the PowerMetrics area of Klipfolio.
  • You can also add PowerMetrics to PowerMetric dashboards. PowerMetric dashboards are quick to create and offer built-in filters and time range settings. Learn more about PowerMetric dashboards here.

Why add Klips to a Klip dashboard?

Using Klips to track your data enables you to:

  • Create fully customized visualizations using the power of the Klip Editor.
  • Track more than a single value/metric.
  • Build using a variety of components, for example, you can add a user input control or a button that works with variables you create. You can also build a pictograph or use an HTML template. There are no limits when building a Klip.

Adding Klips to a Klip dashboard enables you to access the following features at the individual Klip level or dashboard level:

  • Display Klips in full-screen mode.
  • Enter the Klip Editor.
  • Access details for a Klip.
  • Share > with users and groups in your account, with Slack, via scheduled or impromptu email, by embedding the Klip, with an internal permalink to the dashboard, by publishing a link to the dashboard.
  • Download > as a PDF, image, or CSV/Excel file.

Note: Klips are created and edited in the Klips area of Klipfolio.

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