What's the difference between a metric dashboard and a Klip dashboard?

Klipfolio includes metric dashboards and Klip dashboards. You might ask - What’s the difference between them?

Metric dashboards are used to display metrics. Metric dashboards include advanced editing options, enabling you to easily update settings for either the whole dashboard or for each of its individual metrics. You can preview your changes before publishing, so are free to experiment, helping you create an ideal presentation. Editing options range from simple modifications, like adding and removing metrics and modifying layout, to more integral edits, such as selecting an alternate date range, or choosing a different visualization type. You can also add images and text boxes to metric dashboards and download and print them as PDFs.

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Klip dashboards are used to organize and display Klips. There are many things you can do with a Klip dashboard, for example, you can view it in full screen or as a slideshow. You can also share Klip dashboards via published links or by email attachment.

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