Pre-built Klips: Editing vs reconfiguring

When making changes to a pre-built Klip, you can choose to reconfigure your Klip or edit it. The option you choose depends on the types of changes you want to make.

Reconfiguring a Klip

If, after you add a pre-built Klip and connect your own data, you want to change the data being shown, you can reconfigure the Klip.

To reconfigure your Klip, click the three-dot menu and click Reconfigure. Follow the steps to connect to the data you want to display.

Note: After you edit a pre-built Klip in the Klip Editor, the reconfigure option is no longer available for that Klip.

Editing a Klip

Editing a pre-built Klip is done in the Klip Editor. You can edit pre-built Klips the same way you can custom Klips.

To edit your Klip, click its three-dot menu and click Edit.

For example, in the Klip Editor, you can:

  • Add and remove components and change their layout.
  • Point to different data in your associated data source.
  • Modify visualizations, including their colours, sizes, labels, and more.

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