Where do I find details for my Klips users?

Information for individual users is accessed from the Users page. On the Users page, click a user’s name to see their details.

Note: Most accounts get to the Users page by clicking Users in the left navigation sidebar. If you don’t see that option, click the button in the left navigation sidebar and select Users. In some accounts, this page is called All Users.

From a user’s details page, you can:

  • Find basic information, like their name, email address, last login, and API key.
  • Reset the user’s password or send a new password link.
  • Resend a user invite or get a new invite link.
  • Edit the name and email address associated with the user.
  • Generate a new API key.
  • Switch the user to Google Sign In or unlink the user from a Google account.
  • Edit the user’s group membership(s).
  • Assign user roles.
  • Add a new user property.
  • Delete the user.

Note: Available options and information vary depending on whether the user has accepted their user invite.

Finding general information

Clicking General opens the About User page where you can find the following information and perform the following actions:

  • View basic information about your user, including the Name and Email associated with the user, the date and time of the user’s Last Login, and the user’s API Key.
  • Click Edit to update the Name and Email address associated with the user or generate an API key by clicking Generate New API Key.
  • Switch the user to Google Sign In or unlink the user from a Google account. Learn more here.
  • Resend an invite or get a new invite link. Learn more here.
  • Reset the user’s password or send a new password link.
  • Delete the user.

Deleting a user

Delete a user by clicking General and scrolling down to Delete User. Clicking Delete User will permanently remove this user from your account. Any assets owned by this user (including Klips,  dashboards, and data sources) will be transferred to an administrator. You will need to reconfigure data sources that have been reallocated because data source tokens cannot be transferred. Go here for more information on deleting users.

Granting group membership

See which group(s) your user belongs to by clicking Memberships. Click Edit to assign or remove membership to different groups. If your user doesn’t currently belong to any groups, you can click Add this user to a group to assign membership to a group. Learn more about groups.

Assigning roles

Click Roles to view the roles assigned to the user along with their descriptions. Click Edit to assign and remove roles. A user must have at least one role. Learn more about user roles (legacy). Learn more about user roles (new).

Viewing user properties

Click Properties to view properties associated with the user. A user property associates an attribute with an individual user. For example, an agent can retrieve information on tickets that have been assigned to them by using the user.emailAddress to search for ticket information linked to their email address in the data source. To create a new custom user property, click Add New User Property. Learn more about user properties.

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