Google Analytics Organic Traffic dashboard

The Google Analytics Organic Traffic dashboard shows you how your different campaigns are performing.

To learn more about the Google Analytics Organic Traffic dashboard and to add it, click here.

How do I connect my Google Analytics Organic Traffic dashboard?

To connect your Google Analytics Organic Traffic dashboard:

  1. Once you've added the dashboard to your account, click Connect your Data.
  2. On Connect to services, click Connect an Account.
  3. Enter your Google Analytics credentials to create a token. It looks like this: yourname@Google. This will allow Klipfolio to use your Google Analytics account information in accordance with the respective Google privacy policy and Klipfolio privacy policy.
    Note: You can manage your tokens in Klipfolio under Connected Accounts in the Account section.
  4. Click Next Step.
  5. Using the drop-down lists, select your Analytics Account, Web Property, and Analytics Profile.
  6. Click Update Klip.
  7. Click Next Klip to continue for all the Klips on your dashboard.
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