Introducing MetricHQ

Are you enthusiastic about metrics and KPIs? Do you want to learn more? Are you ready to create instant connections to your data and build powerful metric visualizations? Do you have a metric story you'd like to share?

Welcome to MetricHQ, a Klipfolio community where you can:

Note: You can either navigate to MetricHQ using this link or via our product selector (located in the left navigation sidebar).


We're excited to share our metric knowledge with you! We've been busy collecting information about and building templates for a wide spectrum of business metrics.

In MetricHQ you will find information about (and pre-built connections for) over 100 metrics across multiple business divisions, such as Marketing, Sales, Advertising, and Social Media ... and we're adding more all the time!

Discover the world of metrics by reading our metric descriptions and referring to our real-life examples. Learn how each metric is calculated and see comparisons, variations, and success benchmarks.

After delving into our metric examples and descriptions, take action and create a PowerMetric of your own!


From MetricHQ's home page, you can either search for a metric you're interested in building or choose from our list of most popular metrics and services. In the example below, we chose Google Analytics as our service and Website Event Value as the metric we want to visualize and track.

Note: Performing the following procedure will instantly connect you to your Google Analytics data using our pre-built PowerMetric functionality. You can alternatively create a custom connection by choosing the (custom data source) option. If you decide to build a custom connection and need help connecting to your data, refer to this section of our Knowledge Base.

To create a Google Analytics Event Value instant PowerMetric:

  1. Navigate to MetricHQ.
  2. Under Popular metric services, click Google Analytics.
  3. Under Metrics, click Website Event Value.
  4. Click Track this metric.
  5. Click Google Analytics Event Value.
  6. You will be prompted to connect to and select your Google Analytics account details.
  7. Your new PowerMetric displays in Klipfolio and is ready to explore, share, and display.

Learn more about PowerMetrics in this section of our Knowledge Base.


Share your knowledge by contributing to a growing community of people who, just like you, care deeply about and depend upon business metrics.

If you want to share your expertise and experiences with others, publish your own metric in MetricHQ!

To contribute a metric to MetricHQ:

  1. Navigate to MetricHQ.
  2. Under Get involved, click Contribute a metric.
  3. Enter your information into the form.
  4. Click Submit.

If you have any questions about your metric submission, please reach out to us by email at

We will assess your submission and let you know if we have any questions for you. If your submission is accepted, you will be credited as the contributor in MetricHQ and become part of our ever-growing culture of metric knowledge sharing. Thank you!

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