Introduction to PowerMetric dashboards

PowerMetric dashboards give you the flexibility to build and personalize effective, creative, and informative representations of your data that you can learn from and share with others.

Use your PowerMetric dashboards to monitor the progress of your business. Keep you and your team informed and on top of any changes so you can make intelligent, evidence-based decisions and take responsive, appropriate action.

What’s special about PowerMetric dashboards?

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love PowerMetric dashboards:

  • Quick to build: Just like our PowerMetrics, building a PowerMetric dashboard is quick! Speed up your dashboard building by adding custom and instant PowerMetrics directly from an open dashboard. Populate your dashboard quickly by adding a single PowerMetric and then duplicating it multiple times. Configure each one uniquely, applying different filters and choosing different chart types, to see your data from many perspectives and in many formats, all in one place.


  • Comprehensive: PowerMetric dashboards aren’t only for PowerMetrics. You can also bring them to life with images and add context to your data story with text boxes. When it comes to PowerMetrics, our dashboards include access to multiple chart types and styles. Displaying your data using the right chart type simplifies and speeds up data interpretation - so you can make the right choices, faster. Learn more here.


  • Flexible and customizable: Our editing options let you easily update settings for either the entire PowerMetric dashboard or for each of its individual PowerMetrics. For example, you can set dashboard-wide filtering for date ranges and dimensions to create a unified story or, optionally, override those settings for individual PowerMetrics in the dashboard. On your quest to create the ultimate dashboard, you can preview all of your changes before publishing, so you're free to experiment and learn. Your personalized settings are only visible to you. When you’re ready, simply edit and save the PowerMetric. Learn more here.


  • Easy to share: It’s easy to share a PowerMetric dashboard with individuals or groups within your organization. When you share your PowerMetric dashboard, an email notification is automatically sent to the recipient. You can also give a link to a shared PowerMetric dashboard by sending colleagues a copy of its URL. Doing so gives the recipient instant context and shows them the data from your perspective. It’s a great way to start a conversation and propose actions based on learning points in your PowerMetrics.

Where can I learn more about PowerMetric dashboards?

This article introduces you to PowerMetric dashboards. You can learn more by checking out these articles:

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