Adding multiple PowerMetrics to a single visualization

In many cases, displaying a single PowerMetric as a chart on your dashboard conveys a powerful, focused message. But, what if you want to compare and consolidate multiple PowerMetrics into one PowerMetric visualization?

If you have multiple data sources and want to envision and compare their data in a single PowerMetric chart, you can do so with our new multi-metric feature!

Watch this video for a quick demonstration on creating a multi-PowerMetric:

How do I add multiple PowerMetrics to a single PowerMetric chart?

First you need to add a single PowerMetric to your dashboard. Learn more here.

Now that you have a chart on your dashboard that includes a single PowerMetric, you can add more PowerMetrics to it.

To add multiple PowerMetrics to a single PowerMetric chart:

  1. With the PowerMetric dashboard in Edit mode, click the PowerMetric to which you want to add other PowerMetrics.

The properties panel displays on the right.

  1. In the properties panel, click Data.
  2. Click the button beside PowerMetrics (see below).

  1. In the Add a PowerMetric window, click the button beside each PowerMetric you want to add to your chart.

You can add up to 4 PowerMetrics to a single PowerMetric chart (for a total of 5 PowerMetrics).

  1. Click Done.

Note that the default name applied to your multi-PowerMetric includes the name of each PowerMetric you added, in the order you added them, and in the order in which they display in your chart. You can modify the name later if desired.

  1. Optionally, modify the aggregation method for the added PowerMetrics by clicking their names and then making adjustments in the drop-down menu (see below).

  1. Click Save (to save the changes to the PowerMetric and the dashboard).


  • The primary purpose of a multi-PowerMetric is to compare data within a single visualization. Keep this in mind when choosing which PowerMetrics to combine and which aggregation methods to apply. For example, if a PowerMetric measures large monetary values (for example, millions of dollars) a comparison to a PowerMetric measuring small monetary values (for example, hundreds of dollars) would not make an effective comparison - the numeric range is too large to adequately see both sets of data at the same time within a single visualization.
  • Some PowerMetric chart types don’t support multi-metrics. If you add multiple PowerMetrics to a visualization that supports them and then change the chart type to one that doesn’t support them, data for the first PowerMetric listed in the “Data” tab will display.
  • If a multi-PowerMetric is segmented by PowerMetric name, the legend will display as empty (as there is no, single PowerMetric name that can be applied).
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