Why doesn't the preview display all of my data?

As you connect to your data, the preview window lets you peek at the data being retrieved. This helps you ensure you're getting the data you're looking for before creating and saving your data source. To get you to your data faster, the preview includes up to the first 1000 rows, which, for some data sources, may be all of the data. For data sources that exceed 1000 rows, no need to worry! All of your data is being retrieved. See an example below of a preview window for a data source that exceeds 1000 rows:

To see more of your data, you can go to the data source’s details page. To get there, click Data Sources in the left navigation sidebar. If you don’t see that option, go to the bottom of the sidebar and click your Account Name > Data Sources instead. Choose the desired data source from the list. If you didn’t model the data source, you’ll see the details page for the raw data source. If you modelled the data source, click the link beside “Uses Data Source” to open the raw data source details page. If your data is < 1000 rows, you'll see all the rows. If your data is > 1000 rows, you’ll see the first 1000 rows and can click a link to see the last 1000 rows. (See below.)

Note: If, as recommended, you model the raw data source, in the modeller you can access options to show more rows and to go to the last few rows or first few rows. (See below.)

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