Sharing metrics: Email notifications

When you share an asset (metric, dashboard, or data source) with individual users in your account, an email notification is automatically sent to the recipient.

What's included in the email notification?

The email notification includes the following information:

  • The sharer's name
  • The asset's name
  • The recipient's access to the asset (Edit or View)
  • A link that goes to the asset in the recipient's account:
  • Clicking on the link for a metric opens the shared metric.
  • Clicking on the link for a metric dashboard opens the shared metric dashboard.

What else do I need to know?

Here are a few more things you should know about email notifications:

  • IMPORTANT: If you unsubscribe from these emails, but you will not be able to re-subscribe.
  • Email notifications are not supported for group sharing. They are only supported when sharing assets with individuals.
  • Each asset that is shared sends a unique email notification. For example, if you share 5 metrics with an individual, the recipient will get 5 separate email notifications.
  • Email notifications only include the primary shared asset, not secondary assets. For example, if you share a metric dashboard, the notification won't include details for the metrics and data sources associated with the shared metric dashboard.
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