Connected to your data? Up next - Add metrics and dashboards!

You’ve set up a connection to your data - also known as a data source or a data feed. Next up - Bring your data to life as metrics on a dashboard.

If you haven't connected to your data yet, go here to learn how.

Note: Our recent redesign combines raw and modelled data sources into a single object called a data feed. We're gradually releasing this new feature to our customers. If you see Data Feeds in the left navigation sidebar, then your account uses data feeds, not data sources.

Instant, custom, or calculated metrics?

With Klipfolio PowerMetrics, you have options. Take advantage of our expertise and build faster with our instant metrics or get creative and build a custom metric or a calculated metric. You can also combine multiple metrics in a single visualization with multi-metrics in Explorer and on dashboards. The choice is yours!

  • Instant metrics: Get to your data faster with our instant metrics. When you add an instant metric, we create and manage your data source or data feed for you. Choose from many popular services, pick the metrics you want to track, and enter your credentials to connect to your data - it's that simple! To learn more about adding instant metrics, go here if you're using data sources and go here if you're using data feeds.
  • Custom metrics: Don’t see an instant option for the service and metric you’re looking for? No problem! Create your metric, based on a modelled data source or a data feed, from scratch. There are many custom paths you can take when creating a metric. To learn more about creating custom metrics, go here if you're using data sources and go here if you're using data feeds.
  • Calculated metrics: Combine existing metrics using a formula. To learn more about creating calculated metrics, go here if you're using data sources and go here if you're using data feeds.
  • Multi-metrics: Compare and consolidate multiple metrics into a single visualization (in Explorer and on dashboards). Learn more about multi-metrics.

Pre-built metric dashboard templates or build your own?

  • Metric dashboard templates: Designed and curated by Klipfolio experts, templates are a fast path to powerful and professional dashboards. With just a few steps, you can add one or more dashboards and start tracking your essential data. Access 25+ dashboard templates for 13 services, including Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics v4, HubSpot, Instagram Business, LinkedIn Pages, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Shopify, Stripe, Xero, YouTube, and Zendesk. Learn more about metric dashboard templates.
  • Custom metric dashboards: It’s quick to build your own dashboards. Open a blank metric dashboard and add metrics (and, optionally, text and images) to it. Metric dashboards are interactive and enable you to envision your data in countless ways. Learn about custom metric dashboards.
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