Connected to your data? Up next - Build PowerMetrics and dashboards!

You’ve set up a connection to your data - also known as a data source. Now you’re ready to turn that data into a PowerMetric and display it on a dashboard.

(If you haven't connected to your data yet, learn how in this section of our Knowledge Base.)

Note: PowerMetrics are built using modelled data sources. To learn how to model a data source, go here.

Pre-built or custom-built PowerMetrics?

Klipfolio offers many possibilities for PowerMetric creation. Take advantage of our expertise and build faster with our pre-built PowerMetrics or get creative and build a custom PowerMetric. The choice is yours!

  • Pre-built PowerMetrics: Klipfolio includes a lot of pre-built content for our most popular services and metrics and we are adding more all the time! Building a PowerMetric with “instant” pre-built content gets you to your data fast. Learn more here.
  • Custom-built PowerMetrics: Don’t see a pre-built option for the service and metric you’re looking for? No problem! Create your PowerMetric, based on a modelled data source, from scratch. There are many custom paths you can take when creating a PowerMetric. Learn more here.

PowerMetric dashboards

  • Custom PowerMetric dashboards: It’s quick to build your own dashboards. Open a blank PowerMetric dashboard and add PowerMetrics (and, optionally, text and images) to it. PowerMetric dashboards are interactive and enable you to envision your data in countless ways. Learn more here.
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