PowerMetrics roles and permissions

We recently redesigned our admin UI.
If you see in your left navigation sidebar, you're using our legacy design and will find roles and permissions information in this article instead.


In Klipfolio, each user is assigned one or more roles. Each role includes a set of permissions. These permissions define the actions a user can perform.

Klipfolio PowerMetrics includes the following built-in roles:

  • Account Administrator - users with this role can manage all the assets in the account, for example, they can add users, assign roles, and remove metrics and metric dashboards. They cannot create or edit assets.
  • PowerMetrics Editor - users with this role have all permissions except those specific to account administration. They can share, create, edit, and delete data sources and data feeds, metrics, and metric dashboards.
  • PowerMetrics Contributor - users with this role can view and share metrics and view, create, edit, share, and delete metric dashboards.
  • PowerMetrics Viewer - users with this role can share metrics and metric dashboards and see assets that have been shared with them.

To manage user roles and permissions, click the button in the left navigation sidebar and select Account. Then, on the left, click either Users or Roles depending on the action you’re performing.

Notes on roles and permissions

Here are a few important things to note about PowerMetrics roles and permissions:

  • The first user in the account is automatically assigned all roles, including the Klips Editor and Klips Viewer roles, in case you want to try out our other product, Klips. For plans that limit the number of editor users, please note that this user counts as an editor user. If you are using all allowed editor users, and want to give a different user an editor role, you can deselect the role from the initial user in your account.
  • When you add a user they are assigned to the PowerMetrics Viewer role by default. If you want to enable more permissions for a user, you can assign them to additional roles.
  • You can add and remove roles for users, in accordance with your pricing plan. However, please note:
  • You must retain at least one Account Administrator.
  • You must assign at least one user to an editor, contributor, or viewer role to be able to access PowerMetrics and PowerMetrics dashboards.
  • The Account Administrator role enables you to manage company assets. A user with this role can view and delete account assets, such as metrics and metric dashboards, but they cannot see the data in these assets unless they've been shared with them. 

Permissions and permitted actions by role

The following table describes the permissions assigned to each built-in role for Klipfolio PowerMetrics. These default roles cannot be altered.


Permitted action





Data Sources/Data Feeds

Access data sources/data feeds View a list of data sources/data feeds to which you have access    
Create data sources/data feeds Create new data sources/data feeds      
Share data sources/data feeds Share data sources/data feeds      
Download data sources/data feeds Transfer data source/data feed files locally      
Edit data sources/data feeds Modify data source/data feed files and see data source/data feed warnings      
Delete data sources/data feeds Permanently remove data source/data feed files from your account    


Access metrics View a list of the metrics to which you have access
Create metrics Create new metrics      
Edit metrics Modify metrics      
Share metrics Share metrics  
Delete metrics Permanently remove metrics from your account    

PowerMetrics Dashboards

Access PowerMetrics dashboards View a list of the PowerMetrics dashboards to which you have access
Create PowerMetrics dashboards Create new PowerMetrics dashboards    
Edit PowerMetrics dashboards Modify PowerMetrics dashboards    
Share PowerMetrics dashboards Share PowerMetrics dashboards  
Delete PowerMetrics dashboards Permanently remove PowerMetrics dashboards from your account  


Switch theme Change the navigation sidebar background colour
See data source/data feed warnings View data source/data feed warnings      

User, Groups and Roles

Manage all users, groups, and roles Account administration of users, groups, and roles      
View all users View a list of the users in your account
View all groups View a list of the groups in your account


Edit profile Modify user settings in the "My Profile" page    
Manage company settings Administer company account settings      
View account usage View event logs and refresh history      
Manage connected accounts (OAuth tokens) Create, edit, and delete OAuth tokens    
Access API Authenticate and send requests to Klipfolio's API


Manage all Klips Account administration of Klips      
Manage all dashboards Account administration of Klip dashboards      
Manage all data sources/data feeds Account administration of data source/data feed files      
Manage all comments Account administration of Klip notations      
Manage all metrics Account administration of metrics      
Manage all PowerMetrics dashboards Account administration of PowerMetrics dashboards      
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