Where do I find my metrics, dashboards, and data sources?

Everything you create is stored and accessible in your PowerMetrics account. You can find these assets in list format, with search and filter capabilities.

Tip: To make metrics, dashboards, and data sources easier to find, be sure to give them meaningful names when you create them.

Finding your asset lists

Your asset lists are accessed from the left navigation sidebar.

  • Metrics: In the left navigation sidebar, click Metrics to see your list of metrics. You can filter the list by date range, service, type, and category (for example, all metrics or only those created by you). You can also narrow down the list using the search field.
  • Dashboards: In the left navigation sidebar, click Dashboards to see a list of dashboards. You can search for a dashboard (based on its name or its owner’s name) and filter to find either all dashboards or only the ones you created. You can sort alphabetically by dashboard name, by owner, by date created, and by the date when it was last modified (updated).
  • Data sources: To see a list of your data sources, go to the bottom of the left navigation sidebar, click your Account Name, and select Data Sources. Filter the display using the drop-down, find items using the search bar, and sort by clicking a column name.
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