PowerMetrics: About data source refresh

You can set a refresh queuing interval on a data source to automate data updates in your metrics.

Note: The data source refresh feature is only applicable to unmodelled (raw) data sources.

The time it takes for a data source to refresh depends on:

  • The number of data sources already in the queue.
  • The number of data sources in your account being refreshed simultaneously.
  • The time it takes for the source system to respond to the query defined in the Klipfolio data source.
  • Whether or not the refresh needs to be deferred in order to avoid exceeding the API limits for the service.

How do my data sources get added to the refresh queue?

A data source continues to be added to the refresh queue depending on the interval set in the data source definition.

Data sources are refreshed on a first-in-first-out order of priority. This ensures that resources are made available to active users. The only exception is deferred refreshes. When a refresh is deferred past the scheduled refresh time frame, the deferred refresh request is automatically added to the front of the queue.

About data source refresh and service API limits

Because some APIs, like Google Analytics, impose a limit on the number of requests per profile, number of concurrent requests per profile, and the number of tokens per user account, Klipfolio monitors the number of API calls for each OAuth token and profile. This is most commonly seen when you have a large number of queries set to refresh in close succession. In this case, Klipfolio can defer a new refresh request from executing for a short period of time in order to prevent an account from violating an enforced limit. This typically has little impact on queue refresh times.

Note: As an Admin, when you set a data source refresh rate, make sure the refresh rate complies with any limitations set by the service you're connecting to.

Where can I find more information on troubleshooting refresh issues?

For more information on handling data source refresh failures see Understanding data source refresh intervals, failures, and errors.

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