The PowerMetrics homepage

This article describes how to navigate PowerMetrics (using the left navigation sidebar), including how to access and interact with all PowerMetrics assets and account administration settings.

Note: Clicking the  Collapse button collapses the side menu, providing more space to display your metrics and dashboards.


  • To access your metrics:
  • To see a list of all metrics, click Metrics. This opens your Metric List page.  You can filter this list (for example, to only see the metrics you created) by selecting options from the Display drop-down list. Learn more with this introduction to the Metric List.
  • The list of metrics that displays in the sidebar under Metrics gives you quick access to your five most recently viewed metrics. Clicking a metric here, or in your full list of metrics, opens it in its Explore View, where you can experiment with its display. To learn more about exploring your metrics, click here.
  • To add, share, or delete a metric:
  • Click Metrics to open the Metric List page. Click + Add metrics. To learn more about adding metrics, click here.
  • Click a metric in the list to open it in its Explore View. Click the 3-dot menu in the upper-right to access share, delete, and other options.


Use dashboards to organize and effectively display your metrics in meaningful ways. To learn more about working with metric dashboards, click here.

  • To access your dashboards:
  • To see a list of all dashboards, click  Dashboards. This opens your Dashboard List page. You can filter this list to show all dashboards or only those you created. You can also see the dashboard name and owner and the time it was created and last modified.
  • The list of dashboards that displays in the sidebar under Dashboards gives you fast access to your five most recently opened dashboards. Clicking a dashboard here, or in your Dashboard List page, opens the dashboard. 
  • To add, share, or remove a dashboard:
  • Add new dashboards by clicking Dashboards to open the Dashboard List page. Click + New Dashboard.
  • Share or delete a dashboard either from an open dashboard or from your Dashboard List page. To learn more about sharing dashboards, click here.

Data sources

Connect your metrics to meaningful data by selecting a data source from your list or by creating a new data source.

  • To access your data sources:
  • At the bottom of the left navigation sidebar, click your Account name > Data Sources. If you don’t see this option, select  Data Sources in the left navigation sidebar instead. This opens your list of data sources. The Data Source List page has lots of helpful information, such as the name, type, and format of the data source, its owner and the time it was created and last refreshed (updated).
  • To add, share, or delete a data source:
  • To add a new data source, go to the Data Source List page (as described above) and click the Create a New Data Source button.
  • To share or delete a data source, select the data source on the Data Source List page. This opens the details page for the data source where you can share or delete it.

Note: With pre-built "instant" metrics, we create and model the data source for you. For custom-built metrics, you can either create and model your data source before or during the custom metric creation process. To learn how to model a data source, click here.

Other menu options

In the bottom section of the navigation sidebar, you can access help articles, change the appearance of your workspace, access general account settings and data sources, and sign out of Klipfolio. (See below.)


Click the button to access the PowerMetrics section of our Knowledge Base.


Click the   button to switch your background theme between slate, light, and dark.

Klipfolio Account and Product selector

Click the button. If you have access to both Klips and PowerMetrics, you can switch between them here. You can also access all Klipfolio products (Klips, PowerMetrics, or MetricHQ) and administer users, groups, and roles by clicking Klipfolio Account.


Click on your account name to access general settings for your account, as well as plan details. This is also where you sign out of your account.

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