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When inviting users to your account, you assign each user to either an Editor or a Viewer role. If you decide to change permissions for a user or to assign them to an Administrator role, you can do that later from their individual user details page. You can also add users to groups from that page (or from the Groups page). By default, all invited users are added to the Trial Users group.

Users that are invited to your account will receive an email that prompts them to create a password and log in. Users can either enter their name and password manually or sign up with their Google account. Learn more about Klipfolio sign-in options.

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How do I invite users?

You can either invite a single user or multiple users (one at a time as a list).

To invite users:

  1. Click the button in the left navigation sidebar and select Users.
  2. On the Users page, click the Invite users button.
  3. Enter the email address for a person you want to invite to your account and click the + button.
  4. Continue entering people’s email addresses, clicking the + button for each one.
  5. When you’re done adding email addresses to the list, for each address, click the drop-down arrow under Role and select a role for the user (either Viewer or Editor).
    Note: The number of available editor users is determined by your plan. For more information, see the section below “What if I exceed my editor user limit?
  6. When you’re finished adding users to the invite list, click Send invitations.

How do I send a new invite or password link?

If there are issues with the invitation, for example, if it was deleted by accident or it expired (email invites are only valid for 48 hours from the time they’re sent) the account administrator can send the user a new invite link, or a new password link, or resend the email invitation.

To generate a new invite, or password link, or resend an email invitation:

  1. Click the button in the left navigation sidebar and select Users.
  2. On the Users page, select a user.
  3. From the User's details page, click Resend Invite, or Get New Invite Link, or New Password Link.
    If you choose “Get New Invite Link” or “New Password Link”, a unique URL is generated. When clicked the user is prompted to create a password and is automatically logged into the account.

What if the email address is already in use?

When inviting users, you may get a message that says the email address you entered is "already in use". (Note that email addresses must be unique to Klipfolio.)

This can happen if your colleague already has a Klipfolio account, for example, with a different company.

What to do:

  • If they need to use the current email address for another Klipfolio account, ask them for a different email address
  • If your colleague doesn't know if they have an existing account, contact Klipfolio Support.

What if I exceed my editor user limit?

Users with Account Administrator and Viewer roles are unlimited. Users with the Editor role are limited by your pricing plan. (To see how many editor users your plan includes, click the button in the left navigation sidebar and select Plan.)

If, when inviting users, you exceed the number of editor users for your pricing plan, you’ll be prompted to upgrade your plan or purchase an editor user top-up. After increasing the number of editor users available to you, you can continue inviting users. Alternatively, if you don’t want to upgrade yet, simply change the role for some users from “Editor” to “Viewer”. You can always go back and modify user permissions or upgrade later.

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