PowerMetrics: Deleting users

This article describes how to delete a user from your account.

To delete a user:

  1. Click the button in the left navigation sidebar and select Users.
  2. On the Users page, select a user from the list.
  3. Click the Delete User button.
    All assets (metrics, dashboards, data feeds, data sources, and account connections) that were owned by the deleted user are automatically transferred to the person deleting the user. You will need to reconfigure some data sources because data source tokens cannot be transferred.
    Note: If your plan has an editor user limit, and you don't want to upgrade or purchase a top-up right now, instead of deleting the user to fit within your plan, you can just remove their PowerMetrics Editor role. To remove a role for a user, click the button in the left navigation sidebar and select Account. Then, on the left, click Roles. Click PowerMetrics Editor > Users to see a list of users with that role.

Why can't I delete a user?

If you are having trouble deleting a user, it could be that:

  • You don't have a role with the necessary permissions. To delete a user, you must have an Account Administrator role.
  • The user is the Primary Contact. Klipfolio will not let you delete the primary contact of an account until you have selected another user as the primary contact.

To change the primary contact for an account:

  1. In Klipfolio, click on your name and select Account.
  2. Select the Company tab.
  3. Within Company Info, beside Primary Contacts, click Edit.
  4. Select another user as the primary contact.
  5. Click Save.

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