Introduction to Klipfolio account administration

We redesigned our administrative UI. This article describes the administrative experience for customers using the most recent version of Klipfolio.

If you see the button in your left navigation sidebar, then you're in the right place. If not, you're using our legacy design and can access general administrative settings via your Account name (located at the bottom of the left navigation sidebar) and by referring to this section of our Knowledge Base.


The access point for all administrative settings is the button located in the left navigation sidebar. You'll also find shortcuts here for the most common administrative actions. (See below.)

Note: Because the admin area is shared between our PowerMetrics and Klips products, you'll notice there are some settings that are not universally applicable. For example, user properties and company properties are applicable to Klips but not PowerMetrics.

Configuring account settings

Clicking Account opens the Account page, where you manage account-wide settings, such as company name, primary contacts for the account, billing, and payment history. If you use Klips, you add company properties here.

Viewing and changing your pricing plan

Clicking Plan opens the Plan page, where you can view and make changes to your current plan.

Learn more: About PowerMetrics plans.

Learn more: About Klips plans.

Configuring general settings

Clicking Settings opens the Settings page, where you configure branding and themes, security options (such as password requirements, lockout details, and IP range restrictions), single sign-on, and general settings (such as time zone, date locale, start of week, and granting access to our Support Team). Depending on your account type, you may also access domain alias and white-label settings here.

Managing account connections

Clicking Connections opens your list of connected accounts, where you can view, rename, share, re-authorize, and delete connections to services.

Learn more: Managing OAuth tokens for connected accounts.

Managing users

Clicking Users opens your list of users, where you can view, add or delete users. You can also enter personal information for each user, including their first and last name and email address. Group and role membership is managed here on a per user basis. If you use Klips, you add user properties here.

Learn more: PowerMetrics - Adding users.

Learn more: Klips - Adding users.

Configuring personal settings

Clicking My profile provides access to personal settings, such as first and last name, email address, and password details. This is also where you can generate a new API Key, set dashboard options (for Klips users), and manage group membership.

Switching between products

If you use PowerMetrics and Klips, click Products to switch between your Klipfolio products or to open MetricHQ.

Configuring integrations

Clicking Account and then selecting Integrations, opens the Integrations page. This is where you manage the Klipfolio Klips integration with Slack.

For Stripe users, you can install the Klipfolio PowerMetrics for Stripe app here (via a link to the Stripe Marketplace). After installing PowerMetrics for Stripe, you can connect and disconnect to your account from this page.

Learn more: Sharing Klips and Klip dashboards using Slack.

Learn more: Klipfolio PowerMetrics for Stripe.

Managing roles and permissions

Clicking Account and then selecting Roles, opens the Roles page, where you can assign a role or roles to users and add and remove custom roles (Klips only). Note: The default roles that are included in Klipfolio cannot be edited or deleted.

Learn more: About PowerMetrics roles and permissions.

Learn more: About Klips roles and permissions.

Managing groups

Clicking Account and then selecting Groups, opens the Groups page, where you can add and delete groups, edit group names and descriptions, and manage group membership (see which users are in a group and add users to or remove them from a group). You can also manage group sharing rights to Klips and data sources and sharing rights and visibility settings for Klip dashboards.

Learn more: PowerMetrics - Creating groups.

Learn more: Klips - Creating groups.

Monitoring limits for your account

Clicking Account and then selecting Activity gives you access to your event logs. It's also where you view, disable, and delete published links to Klip dashboards and view data source instances and refresh history.

Learn more: Managing published links.

Accessing other Klipfolio products

Clicking Account and then selecting Products takes you to the All Apps page where you can access all Klipfolio products, including PowerMetrics, Klips, and MetricHQ.

Returning to product

When you're ready to exit the administration area and return to the product, click Back to <product name at the top of the left navigation sidebar.

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