Why are some metric date ranges unavailable?

When selecting a date range for a metric, you may notice that some date ranges are unavailable. This is because the maximum amount of data history you can access in each metric visualization or dashboard depends on your pricing plan. 

For example, if you're signed up for our Free PowerMetrics plan, which includes 2 months of data history, your maximum date range is 62 days (based on available data). If you're signed up for our Plus plan, which includes 1 year of data history, your maximum date range is 366 days (based on available data).

Upgrading your plan enables you to access longer date ranges. You can upgrade your plan either by clicking the Upgrade button in the date range selector for your metric or dashboard or by going to your pricing plan page by clicking the button in the left navigation sidebar and selecting Plan.

What happens if I upgrade to a higher plan?

You can access historical data for your metrics for specific time periods, depending on your pricing plan. Regardless of which plan you’re on, we continue to collect data history for you. So, when you decide to upgrade, you’ll get immediate access to your accumulated history.

What happens if I downgrade to a lower plan?

If you downgrade to a plan that supports shorter date ranges than your previous plan, your metrics and dashboards will automatically reflect the change and display the data history that matches your new plan. When you enter PowerMetrics after downgrading, your previous date range selections will display.  To update and show your new date ranges, select a date range that fits within your new plan and click Apply.


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