Browser-based printing for metrics and dashboards

Want to set up your favourite metrics and dashboards to print or save as PDFs? Welcome to the lightweight version of our printing feature – browser-based printing. For a more advanced offering with customizable options, go here.

How do I print copies of my metrics and dashboards?

Because specific instructions for printing vary depending on the browser, the following procedure is intentionally generic and high-level.

To print copies of metrics and dashboards:

  1. Open the dashboard or individual metric you want to print.
  2. Open the Print window using the keyboard shortcut (ctrl+p or cmd+p).
  3. If you’re not satisfied with the display shown in the print preview, adjust the print settings.
    Note: You may find the most effective settings to adjust are Layout, Paper size, and Scale. (Paper size and Scale options display when you click More settings.)
  4. When you’re happy with the result, click Print.

Notes and tips

Here are a few tips and things to note about browser-based printing:

  • You’ll probably need to make adjustments. Check the print preview. If it doesn’t display your metric or dashboard as desired, adjust the print settings.
  • Dashboards are designed to scale to the full width of the page so some contents may not initially fit. Adjusting the “Paper size” and “Scale” should resolve these issues. You can also try rearranging the widgets on the dashboard to get the print display you’re looking for.
  • Pages will not automatically break around individual widgets. You’ll need to adjust the widgets on your dashboard and experiment with scaling to set up page breaks manually.
  • You may need to adjust settings to reduce white space. If you notice there’s too much white space on each side of a widget, you can reduce it by adjusting page size and scale. This decompresses the widget and centres it more aesthetically under its title.
  • Tables will not automatically scale to the size of the widget. You’ll need to manually scale them using the print settings.
  • Use may vary slightly between browsers. There may be minor, but not substantial, differences in print options depending on the browser you’re using.
  • The viewport size affects the print output. What you see on your screen is how it will display in the printed copy. For example, if, due to the size of your browser window, you can’t see all the rows in a table, those rows will also not display in the printed copy.
  • A couple more small suggestions. For best results, we recommend you retain the default print margin settings and set the printer device driver to maximum resolution.
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