Creating data feeds and metrics from Google Sheets (video)

Follow along with our co-founder Allan Wille as he describes how to transform your Google Sheets financial data into metrics.

Learn how to:

  • Get to your data using our Google Drive connector. Then, choose the Google Sheet to use for your data feed and custom metric.
  • Format your data, using the data preview as a guide, to:
  • Switch row-oriented data to column-oriented data. (To work with metrics, the measures and dimensions in your data feed need to be organized into columns, not rows.)
  • Choose which row to use as the column header row.
  • Further prepare and clean up the data in the data feed editor by:
  • Giving column headers meaningful names.
  • Hiding blank columns.
  • Unpivoting columns to turn your pivot table into a list table. (Metrics refer to single columns of data and, as such, require data to be in a list table format.)
  • Filtering columns to remove data you don’t want in your metric.
  • Changing the frequency at which the data will automatically refresh.
  • Modifying data formats per column, for example, set text and currency formats.
  • Create a Revenue metric, segmented by revenue type.

Watch the video demo:

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