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Hey all you longtime Klipfolio customers! Did you know you might be missing out on the best of what PowerMetrics has to offer? We’ve been busy adding amazing new features to PowerMetrics that some of our Klipfolio customers can only access if they migrate over to our latest version.

If this applies to you, you’re using an up-to-date version of Klips combined with an older, limited version of PowerMetrics. When you migrate, there'll be no price increase and no impact on your existing dashboards, Klips, metrics, or data sources. You’ll continue to enjoy the best of Klips PLUS you’ll be able to access the new Klipfolio admin section (for Klips and PowerMetrics) PLUS you’ll get the latest, feature-rich version of PowerMetrics.  Read more about our exciting new features.

This article includes:

Does this apply to me?

Check the left navigation sidebar in Klipfolio Klips - if you see Users listed there, then this article is for you.

If you didn't receive an in-app message about migrating but are interested in learning more, contact us at

What new features will I get when I migrate?

When you move to our latest version, you’ll retain all of your existing data sources, Klips, and metrics, plus you’ll get access to all of these awesome new features:

More instant metrics for more data services

  • Our instant metrics have evolved - They’re faster, more reliable, and provide more dimensionality than ever before. Not only have we improved our instant metrics, we’ve also added way more of them!
  • New services with instant metrics - After migrating you’ll get instant metrics for all of these additional, new services: Google Ads, Google Analytics 4, HubSpot v 3, LinkedIn Ads, QuickBooks, Stripe, Twitter Ads, Xero, and Zendesk.
  • More instant metrics for existing services - We’ve been busy adding instant metrics to our most popular services!

Here are just a few examples of our growing list of instant metrics and services:


# of instant metrics before migration

# of instant metrics after migration

Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) 17 27
Google Analytics 4 0 28
Facebook 8 20
HubSpot v2 20 48
HubSpot v3 0 19
Mailchimp 7


YouTube 1 24
Salesforce 2 12

Learn more about instant metrics.

New custom metric and data source building tool

Welcome to the query builder - a simplified yet powerful tool for creating custom metrics and data sources for our most popular services. It’s a perfect solution when our instant metrics don’t quite match what you’re looking for.

Want to see the query builder in action? This informative video includes examples for Google Analytics and HubSpot:

Seamless interaction with MetricHQ

Explore and connect to the world’s largest curated collection of metric definitions and templates at MetricHQ. Select the metric you want to track and connect to your service account. Voila! The instant metric is immediately added to your PowerMetrics account.

Check out MetricHQ.

Preview and download dashboards as PDFs

Preview and download your favourite dashboards as PDFs and keep everyone informed with access to a digital or printed copy of your data. This feature is available to our Plus, Pro, and Custom PowerMetrics plans.

Learn more about our dashboard PDF feature.

Centralized account administration

Manage your Klipfolio account quickly and easily with our centralized account admin section. Experience the convenience of unified product management by accessing account settings for Klips and PowerMetrics in one place. We’ve also added shortcuts for the actions you perform most.

Learn more about the new administrative experience.

Flexible roles and permissions and a new method for inviting users

We’ve made adding roles and permissions easier. We’ve also updated the way you invite users into your account. The new design means you can invite multiple users and set their roles and permissions in one simple action. All you need is their email address.

Learn more about the new method for inviting users to your account.

Set duration as a format type in the modeller

In addition to text, number, percentage, currency, and date, you’ll be able to assign duration as a format type to columns in the modeller and select it as a value when building custom metrics.

See all the format types available in the modeller.

Access to the Targets, Alerts, and Notifications feature - Coming soon!

You’ll receive regular product updates and early access to new features, like the upcoming Targets, Alerts, and Notifications Centre. We’ll be releasing this exciting new feature soon (BETA coming early in 2022).

What to expect during the upgrade

The migration process is fast! Please note that during the migration you won’t be able to access your account for approximately 5 minutes.

What to expect after the upgrade

If you received a message that your account has been upgraded, then you're ready to start exploring your new updated version of Klipfolio. You should see the new features when you log into your account. If you log in and don't see the new features, you might need to force your current session to end. You can do this by:

If you run into any issues, or are not sure if the new features have been turned on, please contact

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