PowerMetrics walkthrough (video)

Get introduced to PowerMetrics with this short video. Join our co-founder Allan Wille as he walks you through the entire process of creating metrics, adding them to dashboards, and sharing them with your team, all in under 8 minutes.

See how you can:

  • Add instant metrics.
  • Build custom data sources, using Google Sheets as an example. See the power and flexibility of the modeller, where you can write formulas using Excel-like functions to manipulate your data or do more high-level edits such as changing column names or setting data formats. 
  • Create custom metrics.
  • Explore your metrics, by changing the date range, applying different segments, choosing different visualization types, and filtering.
  • Add a dashboard, fill it with metrics, and use dashboard filters to add context and focus.
  • Share your metrics and dashboards with colleagues by adding users and granting them view or edit access.

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