FTP & SFTP: Creating data feeds and custom metrics


Our recent redesign simplifies the data transfer experience by combining raw and modelled data sources into a single object - data feeds. We’re gradually releasing this new feature to our customers.
If you see Data Feeds in the left navigation sidebar, you’ll learn how to create custom metrics for files stored on FTP or SFTP servers in this article. If not, go here.


You connect to data that's stored on FTP or SFTP servers by configuring a connection to the server, selecting the desired spreadsheet, and creating a data feed. Then, using the data feed, you can visualize your data in custom metrics.

Note: We support the following file formats: XML, RSS, CSV, Excel, and JSON.

This article includes:

Creating a data feed that connects to data from FTP or SFTP servers

To create a data feed for data that's stored on an FTP or SFTP server:

  1. Add a new data feed by clicking the + button beside Data Feeds in the left navigation bar. (See below.)
    add data feeds button
  2. Click Select data.
  3. On the Where is your data? page, under Core Services, click FTP & SFTP. (See below.)
    FTP SFTP tile
  4. Type the Host name for the FTP or SFTP server.
  5. Type the Port number for the FTP or SFTP server. The default port is 21.
  6. Provide a valid Username and Password.
  7. Provide a Start Path. For example, \.
  8. Use the drop down menu to select the correct Protocol setting.
    Optional: Select Enable passive mode, if required.
  9. Click Connect.
  10. From the Pick a file window, select a file.
  11. Click the Get File button.
  12. Verify the correct content was uploaded, then click Continue.
  13. You're taken to the data feed editor, where you can make changes to the data feed or save it as-is.
    If you want to modify the data feed, go to this article for detailed editing information.
  14. Give the data feed a name and, optionally, enter a description.
  15. Click Save data feed.

The data feed is added to your account and is ready to use for custom metrics. To see a list of all your data feeds, click Data Feeds in the left navigation sidebar.

Next steps - Creating custom metrics

Now that you've created one or more data feeds that connect to data in an FTP or SFTP server, you can return to them and use them to make custom metrics. A single data feed can be used to create a single or multiple custom metrics.

To create custom metrics using a data feed:

  1. In the left navigation sidebar, click Data Feeds to open your list of data feeds.
  2. Select the data feed you want to use for your custom metric.
  3. Click either the +Add metric button in the top right corner of the window or open the Metrics tab and click +Add metric. (See below.)
    options for adding metrics
  4. Choose settings for your custom metric and click Save metric. If you need help, go here to learn more.

The metric is added to your list of metrics, accessed by clicking Metrics in the left navigation sidebar.

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