Getting started with dashboard templates

Not sure how to put together a metric dashboard that effectively tells your data story? If you need some inspiration, look no further than our pre-built dashboard templates! Designed and curated by Klipfolio experts, templates are a fast path to powerful and professional dashboards. With just a few steps, you can add one or more dashboards and start tracking your essential data.

You can access 30 dashboard templates for 16 services, including Facebook, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics v4, HubSpot, Instagram Business, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Pages, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Shopify, Stripe, Xero,  X Ads (Twitter Ads), YouTube, and Zendesk.

We love giving you options and our pre-built dashboards are no exception. Either use them as-is or as a basis for your own personal dashboard vision. They’re fully customizable, in fact, they have all the same editing options as a traditional, custom dashboard.

How do I add pre-built dashboards?

Browse our selection of dashboard templates, choose one you’re interested in, and connect to your data. The following example uses Google Analytics 4.

Note: There’s no limit on the number of dashboards you can add to an account, however, there may be limits to the number of services you can access (depending your pricing plan). What happens if I reach my maximum data services?

To add pre-built dashboards:

  1. In the left navigation sidebar, click the add dashboard button beside Dashboards and select Browse dashboard templates.
    add dashboard templates
  2. Filter the list to either show all or only specific services.
    filter list of dashboard templates
  3. When you find a dashboard you want to add, click +Add dashboard. (See below using the Google Analytics 4 Engagement dashboard template as an example.)
    add a dashboard template
  4. If you haven’t connected to the service before in PowerMetrics, you’ll be prompted to do so now.
    For example, for Google Analytics 4, you click Add new account, enter your Google Analytics 4 login credentials, allow PowerMetrics to access your Google Analytics data, choose account settings (Analytics Account and Property or App) from the drop-down lists, and click Use account.
    If you need help, this section of our Knowledge Base includes detailed instructions on connecting to your data for all services.
  5. If you have connected to the service before in PowerMetrics, select the account you want to use and click Next. Then, select the account settings and click Use account.
  6. The dashboard template is added to your dashboard list, where you can select and open it.


  • When you add a dashboard template, all of its metrics are also added to your account and are available from the metric list (accessed by clicking Metrics in the left navigation sidebar).
  • You can add one dashboard template at a time. To add more, start again at step #1.

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