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Hi, I have a dynamic list pulling from the Harvest API that works well, but when I enable the "All" data option on the User Input Control, the actual selection doesn't work. I'm passing the PROJECTVAR variable through to the Query URL (https://api.harvestapp.com/v2/time_entries?project_id={props.PROJECTVAR} and it seems "_all_" isn't valid for the API.

How can I customize the dropdown All option to something that works with my datasource API?

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    Shima Beigzadeh

    Hi Jared, 

    The All option would not work by default since each value of PROJECTVAR variable should be meaningful for your query.
    For example: If the PROJECTVAR is IDs,  _all_  would not be an ID and the query doesn't understand what is coming through. 

    In order to get ALL you may use MAPFLAT() function. Prior to that, you would need to have all the PROJECTVAR values in 1 non-dynamic datasource and then use that as the 1st parameter of MAPFLAT() to repeat a formula over a set of values of PROJECTVAR.

    If you would like more help with the above function, we can certainly help you, once you enable support access in your account. 



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