Dynamic Series for a Bar/Line Chart

Hi Klipfolio!

This will detail how you can get series that are dynamic, and change based on what is in your data, as well as an accompanying legend.
Note that this does not allow you to have a dynamic number of series, just change what the content inside of them is.

For example, lets say we have the following data, and we want to have a seperate series for each entry in column A, and show the grouped results by column D.

We would then need a series for Canada, Kenya, and Britain.

Now normally what we would do in our series is something like this;
But this would not work if we have series where the country data could change, as if Canada is replaced by United States, there would be no way for the formula to pick this up.

-First, create a table with the same number of columns as series you would want;

Set the Properties up like this;

-Then, in the formulas for the columns, do this;

This grabs each country in column A

-Set the Indicator conditions for each column to change it to a different background color that matches the color in the chart of that series;

-Add your chart, with the desired number of series, and make sure that in the Properties tab you are not showing a Legend

-Set up your series formula to be based upon the legend table we built earlier;

-Make sure that each series is set to have the same color as its legend, via the Properties panel

And now you have your dynamic series chart, that will change as the values in the data change;

Hope this helps, and happy Klipping!
Joshua Cohen-Collier
Technical Support Specialist, Klipfolio


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    Yaron Harel

    What about a line chart? The table trick would probably not work here
    I wish we can just name the series dynamically...

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    Java Ferdinandes

    Hey Josh,

    good workaround :D

    thanks for sharing.


    "-Set the Indicator conditions for each column to change it to a different background color that matches the color in the chart of that series;"
    this mean when the color of the series change (either because of the developer change the color or client switch the black/white theme), the table color wont change automatically right?
    because you set the color for the table (legend) as a static color.

    Hi Yaron,

    I think the table trick will still work for line chart.

    if you wish to name the series dynamically, you have to do it using HTML Template for now.

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    Todd Eby

    Hi Josh,

    Seems as if this only works if you can get by with a fixed number of series?  Really, I should just be able to specify the main series as my measure (let's say 'percent complete') and then specify a second series that is based on the 'course name' column and the Klip should automatically color each course separately and set up a new column or line for each.


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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Dylan,

    That's correct, a Bar/Line Chart must have a fixed number of series. However, we have beta functionality called PowerMetrics which supports dynamic series amongst several other great new capabilities. More news to come soon!


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