Connect to a local SQL Database


Not a technical person, so bear with me. Here's what I've got:

A local SQL database for a piece of software we use. It's not publicly accessible to the outside world.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to automate connecting that data to Klipfolio? I don't know where to start.


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    Josh Cohen-Collier Official comment

    Hi Chad,

    Thanks for using Klipfolios community.
    We can absolutely connect to these SQL servers!
    As a start, you can check on our guide to SQL datasources, here.
    This will allow you to create an SQL datasource, which Klipfolio will refresh by making automatic, period requests to the SQL server without you needing to manually do so.

    If your network restrictions require you to view the database via an SSH tunnel, you can set that up as well in Klipfolio.
    If your database is IP-restricted, meaning that it will only respond to requests from certain IP addresses, you will need to follow this guide to white-list Klipfolio's IP addresses.

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,

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    Ramesh Shevde


    I am also trying to connect to SQL server 2005. But I cannot. Can anybody pl help?

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    Josh Cohen-Collier

    Hi Ramesh,

    You should be able to connect to this SQL server via the MSSQL driver type when creating a datasource.

    If you are still encountering an issue, you might want to reach out to us directly via a support ticket.
    You can do this by emailing support@klipfolio.com, with details of what kind of error or issue you are encountering.

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,

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