Download PDFs of dashboards shared via view only links

I would appreciate a "Download as PDF" button for dashboards shared via view only links.

At the moment, customers who are granted access to dashboards by means of private links have to use the Print functionality of their browser. A dedicated "Download as PDF" button (as provided by other visualization tools) in the dashboard header would be a more elegant solution. It would be great to include this in an upcoming release.


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    Agree! Also download as CSV option would be great! :)

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    Bill Ladd

    Exactly what I am looking for.  This would be great to have for private or public links.  We have 20 clients each viewing their own static dashboard that is updated monthly.  We do not want our clients logging into anything and currently send them a link.  Inevitably, they also want a PDF.  We then must create the pdf and email it to them.  Please take a serious look at this request, it would be greatly appreciated.

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