DoubleClick by Google - example query

Some Klipfolio customers have been able to connect to their DoubleClick reports using the REST/URL connector:

With a base URL and a POST body like the example below:

Here's how build out this example query using the REST/URL connector:

1. At Query URL, enter https://www.googleapis.com/doubleclicksearch/v2/reports/generate

2. At Data format, select JSON

3. At Method, select POST

4. At Body, enter the following POST body, and replace the Agency ID, Engine Account ID, and Advertiser ID with your own:

"reportType": "account",
"rowCount": 10000,
"startRow": 0,
"statisticsCurrency": "agency",
"columns": [{
"columnName": "clicks"
}, {
"columnName": "cost"
"reportScope": {
"agencyId": "Your-Agency-ID",
"engineAccountId": "Your-Engine-Account-ID",
"advertiserId": "Your-Advertiser-ID"
"timeRange": {
"startDate": "2015-09-01",
"endDate": "2015-09-30"

5. Select the Query Parameters drop-down.

6. At Parameters, under Name, enter content-type

7.Under Value, enter application/json.

8. Under Type, select Header

9. Select the Authentication drop-down, and select OAuth. You can create a new OAuth token using Google.

Use the DoubleClick by Google API docs to learn more.

Are you trying to connect or have experience getting your DoubleClick data into Klipfolio? Tell us your experience in the comments below!


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