Loading & Connecting Facebook Pixel Conversions Data

Hi Klipfolio Masters,

I am trying to load the Facebook Pixel Conversions level data from the Marketing/Insights API but not able to do it at the level I want or even properly

1. I have various pixels created in the form of events eg: Leads, Registrations etc and need to track them

After reading the documentation for Ads Pixels and it's stats - I was able to load some basic fields for now - but still not able to pull the s

GET API Query : https://graph.facebook.com/v2.9/act_<act-id>/adspixels?fields=name,id,creation_time,last_fired_time

This gives me all the correct Ads Pixel details but how do I pull all the stats for this in the form of Events, their occurrences etc - will I be using more query parameters in this URL or a new URL - tried multiple iterations but was not able to get anything to work for now.

Tried this API Query as per documentation -: https://graph.facebook.com/v2.9/<pixel id>/stats - but does not work even with fields added etc

2. Another issue I had was I am not at all able to test my queries with Graph API explorer - it keeps telling me that "Timeout issue" or "some other errors" when I am trying to use the app etc there. Do I need to publish and approve the app before hitting FB Ads data for this?

All your suggestions and feedback will be highly appreciated here



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