Whitelabels need a custom error page for disabled accounts

I would like to be able to provide a customized message on the error page when a user's account has been disabled but they try to sign in anyway. I have a client that cancelled our service, but occasionally she attempts to log in. I would like to lure her back with a custom message: "Missing your data? Contact us to get your account back in action." or something similar, instead of the generic-looking error message that she sees now.

Is this possible now? If not, can Klipfolio please implement it? I feel like I am missing an opportunity to win back a client.

Thank you!


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    Jon S

    Hi Trudy,

    Have you checked out the new Usage Overview API, e.g. Monthly Client Aggregate? There you can see the statuses of the accounts and take action accordingly. I hope it helps.

    Regards, Jon

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