Klipfolio + Raspberry Pi

RaspberryPi is cheap and can do lots of things including WALLBOARDS.

Here in my company we used Chromecast, but had the disvantage of the need to use a device to stream the dashboards to it.

So I got a brand new Raspberry Pi 3 - even Klipfolio's FAQ saying that was uncompatible due to minimal requirements - and put to test.



Didn't have to do much, just installed the UBUNTU MATE, which I think its a stable and lean version to run o Pi (Raspbian's also a good choice, but I preffer Ubuntu), and ran some settings to fit to my needs:

Autostart hiding mouse;

Autostart opening CHROMIUM* (and I set my default homepage to a public link of my dashboard) -> used a parameter to start in KIOSK mode, this way always start in full screen mode;
You don't have to set your default homepage to your dashboard, while you're setting the chromium to start with GUI you just have to put 

chromium-browser --kiosk http://yoururl.com

*Important: I tried to use FIREFOX, but FF just can't run Klipfolio Scripts (JQuery).

Set a static IP address - this way I can control everything on my RPi remotely using ssh or VNC;


And my Dashboards now looks AMAZING!
Low cost solution, highly customizable and I don't need a dedicated or shared device to stream my dashboards.


Does anyone tried to use a RPi already?


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    Rupert Bonham-Carter

    Great stuff Bruno!! Thanks for sharing with the community.  For those of you more techie folks, this may be something to consider.  Anyone else have a positive experience with the latest RPi?

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    Rupert Bonham-Carter

    You might consider experimenting with the Klipfolio Published links and one of the web services (like Risevision) to push published dashboards.  This is the set up we use internally.  The Risevision account is free and let's you manage many dashboards on many screens all on their own schedule.

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    Ben Newport

    Is there a way to use Chromium Browser and get Klipfolio to push updates to the dashboards in real time?

    (using private link sharing)


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    Jesper Karsrud

    I can confirm that Raspberry Pi works excellently for running dashboards. We purchased two RPi 4 4GB to run our dashboard displays on, and it worked like a charm! Can highly recommend that as an alternative for people looking to run their clipboards on public displays.

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