Converting a Klip from a static XL sheet to a dynamic Drive based XL sheet


If a dashboard consists of a bunch of klips which use an uploaded XL file, can I map it/reconfigure it now to  a 'dynamic' XL file from a Google Drive? The data format and the Klips are the same except that now I would like for the team to update the file on Drive and the Klips automatically update. I don't want to recreate the original Klips if possible. 

In summary, I would like for the data to now be picked up from a central file on the drive all else remaining the same on the existing Dashboard without recreating it.

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    Josh Cohen-Collier

    Hi Sundar,

    Thanks for posting in our community!

    Absolutely you can!
    Here is our guide to setting up a Google Drive datasource in Klipfolio.
    This will update automatically when the document is changed in drive.

    Hope this helps!

    Warm regards,
    Joshua Cohen-Collier
    Technical Support Specialist, Klipfolio

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