Customize the Email Reports Format (Design)

Hi all,

Working at an international company, my departments objective is to keep the general managers updated about the online activities with Klipfolio. That’s why I use the scheduled email reports for each dashboard. Technically, everything works fine. But in my opinion the design could be improved: Choosing “Multiple pages” at the PDF Format options half of the DINA4 page is blank sometimes while the Klips are cut in half choosing “Multiple pages (no breaks)”.
I would prefer a feature where I can define at which Klip the next page begins. The content then should be scaled to fit on one page.

Does anyone has similar design problems? How do you deal with that?

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Philipp,

    Thank you for adding to the community.  I would love to hear more about use cases for improvements.

    Looking forward to seeing additional responses.



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